Software companies have increasingly turned to the Internet …

Software companies have increasingly turned to the Internet to help them maintain the software they have sold or licensed to their customers. Software maintenance tasks include updates of the software and updates to data used by the software. Purchase the answer to view it



In the rapidly evolving software industry, software maintenance plays a crucial role in ensuring that software applications continue to function effectively and meet the changing needs of users. With the advent of the Internet, software companies have embraced online platforms to manage and maintain the software they have sold or licensed to their customers. This shift towards online software maintenance has provided numerous advantages, such as improved efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and scalability. This paper aims to explore the reasons why software companies are increasingly using the Internet for software maintenance and the benefits associated with this approach.

Advantages of Internet-based software maintenance

1. Efficient and Timely Updates: One of the primary reasons software companies have turned to the Internet for maintenance is the ability to deliver updates efficiently and in a timely manner. Traditional methods of software maintenance often required customers to manually install updates, resulting in delays and potential compatibility issues. By using the Internet, software companies can deliver updates remotely and automatically, ensuring that customers always have access to the latest version of the software with minimal effort.

2. Cost-Effectiveness: Internet-based software maintenance significantly reduces the costs associated with traditional maintenance methods. Physical distribution of software updates, such as CDs or DVDs, incurs expenses for manufacturing, packaging, and shipping. Additionally, the resources required for manual installation, technical support, and troubleshooting are substantially diminished with online maintenance. By leveraging the Internet, software companies can streamline the update process and reduce overhead costs, resulting in improved cost-effectiveness for both the company and the customer.

3. Scalability: The Internet offers unmatched scalability for software maintenance. With traditional methods, as the customer base grows, the resources required for maintenance increase proportionally. This can strain the company’s infrastructure and lead to inconsistencies in the level of service provided. In contrast, Internet-based maintenance offers virtually limitless scalability, as updates can be distributed to any number of customers simultaneously, regardless of geographic location. This allows software companies to efficiently manage maintenance tasks, regardless of the size or distribution of their customer base.

4. Enhanced Customer Experience: Internet-based software maintenance enhances the overall customer experience by providing a seamless and convenient update process. Customers can easily access and download updates from the software company’s website or through automated update mechanisms built into the software itself. This eliminates the need for complex installation procedures and reduces downtime associated with software updates. Additionally, online maintenance platforms can enable real-time support and feedback mechanisms, facilitating direct communication between the software company and its customers, resulting in improved customer satisfaction.


The increasing use of the Internet for software maintenance in the software industry offers numerous advantages over traditional methods. Efficient and timely updates, reduced costs, scalability, and enhanced customer experience are among the key benefits associated with Internet-based software maintenance. As the demand for more robust and adaptable software solutions continues to grow, software companies are likely to further embrace Internet-based maintenance to ensure the long-term success of their products.

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