This assignment is a continuation of a previously created project template. Here we are to bring together the presented templet and complete the project in the form of a poster presentation. Included is the previously completed templet for reference. The poster must include distinct sections such as title, introduction/abstract, project description, teaching strategy, evaluation, conclusion and references. Amongst any other form of information within the templet itself.


The purpose of this project is to develop a comprehensive poster presentation based on the previously created project template. The poster presentation will consist of distinct sections, including a title, introduction/abstract, project description, teaching strategy, evaluation, conclusion, and references. This assignment aims to bring together the information from the project template and present it in a visually appealing and concise format that effectively conveys the key aspects of the project.


The title section of the poster presentation serves as a concise and informative headline that provides an overview of the project. It should capture the reader’s attention and convey the main focus of the project.


The introduction or abstract section of the poster presentation provides a brief overview of the project and its objectives. It should clearly state the problem or research question that the project seeks to address and provide background information on the topic. The abstract should also mention the significance and potential implications of the project.

Project Description:

The project description section provides a more detailed account of the project, including the methodology, data collection and analysis techniques, and any significant findings or results. It should explain the rationale behind the project and detail the steps taken to accomplish its goals. This section may also include information on any limitations or challenges encountered during the project.

Teaching Strategy:

The teaching strategy section focuses on how the project can be used as a teaching tool. It may describe how the project aligns with specific educational objectives, provides hands-on learning experiences, or engages students in critical thinking and problem-solving. This section should also highlight any unique instructional methods, materials, or resources used in the project.


The evaluation section examines the effectiveness and impact of the project. It may include data or evidence of student learning outcomes, student feedback or reflections, or assessments conducted to measure the project’s success. This section should demonstrate how the project contributes to student learning and achievement.


The conclusion section summarizes the key findings, insights, and implications of the project. It provides a concise summary of the project’s outcomes and highlights the main takeaways for both students and educators. The conclusion should reinforce the significance of the project and its potential for future applications or enhancements.


The references section lists the sources cited within the poster presentation. It should follow a specific citation style, such as APA or MLA, and include all necessary bibliographic information for each cited source.

The overall structure and organization of the poster presentation should be visually appealing and easy to navigate. Each section should be clearly labeled and visually distinct from one another. Visual aids, such as graphs, charts, or images, may be used to enhance the presentation and convey information more effectively. The font size and style should be legible from a distance, and the overall layout should be well-balanced and aesthetically pleasing.

In conclusion, the poster presentation is a culmination of the information presented in the project template. Through the use of distinct sections such as title, introduction/abstract, project description, teaching strategy, evaluation, conclusion, and references, the poster effectively conveys the main aspects of the project in a visually appealing format. The poster presentation serves as a valuable tool for sharing the project’s objectives, methodology, findings, and implications, making it an effective means of communication in academic and professional settings.

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