This assignment will use the grade book you created in the U…

This assignment will use the grade book you created in the Unit 4 Individual Project. Click if you need the original template. Open the spreadsheet, and add a column bar chart showing your grades. To complete this, do the following steps: Purchase the answer to view it


This assignment builds upon the previous Unit 4 Individual Project, which involved creating a grade book. In this assignment, we will be adding a column bar chart to visually represent the grades. It is assumed that you have a basic understanding of spreadsheet applications and have completed the previous project.

To begin, open the spreadsheet containing your grade book. If you do not have the original template, please click on the provided link to download it. Once you have accessed the file, you can proceed with the following steps:

1. Determine the data range: Take a moment to identify the range of cells that contain the data you want to include in your chart. Typically, this would be the column where your grades are recorded. For example, if your grades are recorded in column B, the data range would be something like B2:B10, depending on the number of grades.

2. Insert a column bar chart: With the data range in mind, select the range of cells you want to include in your chart. In our example, this would be B2:B10. Next, go to the ribbon menu and select the “Insert” tab. Within the “Charts” group, click on the button corresponding to column charts. Choose a suitable column chart type, such as clustered column or stacked column, based on your preference. The chart will be added to the spreadsheet.

3. Customize the chart: After inserting the chart, you may want to adjust its appearance and add any necessary elements. Right-click on any part of the chart and choose “Edit Data Source” or “Select Data” (exact phrasing may depend on the spreadsheet software you are using). This will allow you to modify the range of data included in the chart or add additional data series if needed.

4. Format the chart: Depending on your preferences, you may wish to format the chart further. This can include changing the axis labels, adjusting the colors or styles of the columns, or adding a title or legend. Explore the formatting options available in your spreadsheet software to make the chart visually appealing and easy to interpret.

5. Save and submit: Once you are satisfied with the chart, save your changes to the spreadsheet file. If you are required to submit the assignment electronically, follow the instructions provided by your instructor on how to submit the file. Make sure that the chart is clearly visible and legible.

Remember to create a backup of your original grade book before making any changes, as mistakes could be costly. Take the time to review and double-check your work before submission to ensure accuracy.

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