this is my assignment to develop ” Roll a ball game ” using …

this is my assignment to develop ” Roll a ball game ” using Unity program. I did one, and the second one depend on the previous. So, I attached what I did, and the assignment that I want to complete by tomorrow at 8 pm .


Title: Development of a Roll-a-Ball Game using Unity

The Roll-a-Ball game is a classic arcade game where the player controls a ball and navigates it through a maze or environment to collect objects and reach the end goal. In this assignment, we will utilize the Unity game development engine to create and enhance a Roll-a-Ball game.

Unity: An Overview
Unity is a popular game development platform used by professionals and hobbyists alike. It provides a user-friendly interface and a powerful set of tools to develop high-quality games. Unity supports various platforms, including desktop, mobile, and console, making it a versatile choice for game development projects.

Assignment Objective:
The objective of this assignment is to extend the existing Roll-a-Ball game by implementing additional features and improving the gameplay experience. The assignment is divided into two parts, where the second part builds upon the work done in the first part.

Part 1: Initial Game Development
In the first part of the assignment, you have developed the basic functionality of the Roll-a-Ball game, including the player-controlled ball, collectible objects, and a scoring system. These elements will serve as the foundation for the subsequent enhancements. The main tasks accomplished in Part 1 include:

1. Scene Setup:
– Designing the game scene with appropriate assets, such as the floor, walls, and obstacles.
– Setting up the camera and lighting to enhance the visual aesthetics of the game.

2. Player Control:
– Implementing controls to move the ball using keyboard inputs or touch inputs in a mobile environment.
– Ensuring smooth and responsive movement of the ball in the game world.

3. Collectibles:
– Creating collectible objects that the player can collect to increase their score.
– Implementing collision detection between the player’s ball and the collectible objects.

4. Scoring System:
– Designing a scoring mechanism to keep track of the collected objects and display the player’s score.
– Updating the score based on successful collection of each object.

Part 2: Enhanced Gameplay Features
In the second part of the assignment, you will build upon the foundation laid in Part 1 and implement additional gameplay features to make the Roll-a-Ball game more engaging and challenging. The key enhancements in Part 2 include:

1. Obstacles:
– Incorporating obstacles in the game world that the player must avoid.
– Implementing collision detection between the player’s ball and the obstacles, with appropriate consequences for collisions.

2. Power-ups:
– Introducing power-up objects that provide temporary benefits to the player’s ball, such as increased speed or invincibility.
– Implementing power-up collection and activating the associated benefits.

3. Level Design:
– Creating multiple levels with increasing difficulty by introducing varying layouts, obstacles, and collectibles.
– Designing level progression to unlock new levels upon successful completion.

4. User Interface:
– Enhancing the user interface to display relevant information, such as the player’s score, level progress, and game objectives.
– Adding visual and audio feedback to improve the player’s overall experience.

In this assignment, you will utilize Unity to develop and enhance a Roll-a-Ball game. The initial part involves setting up the game scene, implementing player control, collectibles, and a scoring system. The second part focuses on incorporating obstacles, power-ups, level design, and improving the user interface. By completing this assignment, you will gain practical experience in utilizing Unity’s game development capabilities and have a fully functional Roll-a-Ball game with enhanced gameplay features.

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