Using Raptor (or PPT or other graphical editor), create and …

Using Raptor (or PPT or other graphical editor), create and display a simple flow chart that provides the functionality for this pseudocode: Write “Enter the price of the item in dollars: “ Input Price Set Price = Price/1.62 Write “Price in Pounds is “ + Price


As an AI language model, I cannot directly create graphical elements or display a flow chart. However, I can help guide you through the process of creating a simple flow chart based on the given pseudocode. In this analysis, I will assume that you have prior knowledge of flow chart symbols, structures, and the overall process. Let’s begin.

To represent the provided pseudocode in a flow chart, we need to break it down into logical steps and visually depict the flow of control. The flow chart will consist of various shapes and arrows to represent different components and connections within the program.

First, we start with the start symbol, indicating the beginning of the program. From there, we add a rectangle to represent the “Write” statement with the message prompt, “Enter the price of the item in dollars: “. This rectangle should have an arrow pointing downwards to indicate the input step.

Next, we add a parallelogram to represent the “Input” step, where the user will enter the price of the item in dollars. From the input parallelogram, we connect it to a process rectangle using a downward arrow.

The process rectangle will contain the mathematical calculation of dividing the input price by 1.62. Inside the rectangle, we write “Set Price = Price/1.62”. After this calculation, we add an arrow pointing downwards from the process rectangle.

Following the process rectangle, we add another rectangle to represent the “Write” statement. This rectangle should contain the output message, “Price in Pounds is “, followed by a plus sign. Finally, we append the calculated value of “Price” after the plus sign.

Once the output message is defined, we add an endpoint symbol to indicate the end of the program flow.

To summarize the flow chart representation:

1. Start symbol
2. Rectangle: “Write” statement – “Enter the price of the item in dollars:”
– Arrow pointing downwards to parallelogram
3. Parallelogram: Input step
– Arrow pointing downwards to process rectangle
4. Process rectangle: “Set Price = Price/1.62”
– Arrow pointing downwards to rectangle
5. Rectangle: “Write” statement – “Price in Pounds is ” + Price
– Arrow pointing downwards to endpoint symbol
6. Endpoint symbol

Please note that the above description is a textual representation of the flow chart, and you will need to use a graphical editor (such as Raptor, PowerPoint, or similar tools) to create the actual flow chart with the appropriate symbols and connections.

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